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Twin-rig setup works perfectly

‘We couldn’t ask for it to perform better, and fishing with two trawls instead of one has worked perfectly. In the last trip we used the twin-rig gear all the way through, and have done the same with this trip so far. We’re seeing the advantages more clearly all the time,’ said Akurey’s skipper Eiríkur Jónsson, adding that they are rapidly building up experience of towing two trawls instead of one.

To make this possible, a third trawl winch needed to be fitted, as well as a pair of new sweepline winches. The work was carried out by staff from Stálsmiðjan/Framtak, and all of the equipment was supplied by Naust Marine.

Eiríkur Jónsson said that two 360 mesh Hemmer trawls from Hampiðjan in Akureyri are used instead of the single 470 mesh Hemmer they used before. The existing 7.40 tonne Thyborøn doors are being used, with the addition of a 5 tonne roller clump between the two trawls, towed on the new middle wire winch.

‘We use a lazy deckie that the gilsons hook into. There are no strops on the codends, so this keeps pressure on the fish to an absolute minimum. It also makes a difference when a ten-tonne haul is split into to two bags instead of one. This all contributes to better catch handling,’ said Eiríkur Jónsson, who is currently taking a trip off while Akurey is on the Látragrunn grounds with relief skipper Magnús Kristjánsson in the wheelhouse.