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Main engine overhaul for Venus

Work has started on a scheduled main engine overhaul for pelagic vessel Venus, and this is being done in Reykjavík. Venus steamed to Reykjavík after landing blue whiting in Vopnarfjörður.

 According to skipper Bergur Einarsson, the blue whiting fishery is slow and the season in the Faroese EEZ is coming to an end.

‘This last trip we were mostly north-east of the Faroes. There were a few boats fishing to the south of us but they weren’t doing any better. 200 tonnes of blue whiting in 24 hours counts as decent fishing, but generally it has been less than that. We were twelve days fishing for around 2200 tonnes,’ Bergur Einarsson said, adding that the season in Faroese waters is over.

Venus is now undergoing an engine overhaul over the coming days.

‘Then we’ll be ready for the mackerel season,’ Bergur Einarsson said.