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Vigri doing well in deep water

‘Right now we’re on the Hampiðjan Square, along with most of the freezer trawler fleet. There has been fine fishing here and we have a green weight of 630 tonnes of fish so far for the trip that ends next week,’ said Árni Gunnólfsson, skipper of freezer trawler Vigri, when we spoke to him today.

Vigri is fishing for Greenland halibut on the Hampiðjan Square, and he said there has been a respectable yield of fish so far.

‘There’s steady fishing for Greenland halibut, and we also get some deep redfish and golden redfish. We’re mainly looking for Greenland halibut and deep redfish, and already spent some time in the redfish grounds in the Skerja Deeps. Here off the Westfjords the furthest north we have been is the area known as the Potato Patch, where there’s been good fishing for Greenland halibut along the edge of the ice. Then the ice forced us off and pushed us southwards,’ he said, adding that these last few days the weather has been perfect; something that crews didn’t get a chance to get used to last winter.