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Spring season about to hit its stride

‘We’re on the Selvogur Bank after a half-landing in Reykjavík. The weather’s rough, but the fishing is good for cod, haddock and saithe, and there’s a spring season feel to it,’ said Arnar Haukur Ævarsson, skipper of Brim’s freezer trawler Höfrungur III. They have been fishing off the south-west, and he said that the first part of the trip has been mainly golden redfish, saithe and deep redfish.

‘Then we docked in Reykjavík for a half-landing on Monday. That was 550 tonnes,’ Arnar Haukur Ævarsson said, adding that every security measure was followed to minimise the likelihood of any COVID-19 infection making its way on board.

‘We isolated ourselves, didn’t even go out onto the deck, didn’t have contact with anyone at all, and all the stores delivered to the ship were carefully disinfected. The last thing we want is to have this virus on board and I’m sure that the security measures will be much the same when we finish this trip on 7th April. That’s when the other crew takes over.’

He said that fishing has been good over the last few weeks and the weather has been acceptable.

‘That isn’t to say that the weather has been good. For most of the time it has been rough, with a few storms in between. There’s a 20m/sec wind speed now, which doesn’t cause us any – unlike the terrible weather we had all through the winter,’ Arnar Haukur Ævarsson said.