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800 miles to blue whiting fishing grounds

Brim’s pelagic vessels Venus and Víkingur are on the way to fish for blue whiting in waters west of the southern tip of Ireland, steaming 800 nautical miles from Reykjavík. Both sailed on Sunday, and according to Víkingur’s skipper Albert Sveinsson, they expect to be on the fishing grounds Wednesday evening.

‘There has been poor weather on the way and it looks like there’s changeable weather ahead. The forecast is for the wind to be moderating a little today, and then it’ll pick up again. I’m fairly confident we’ll have fishing weather right after the weekend,’ he said, adding that there is a large fleet of fishing vessels there. The majority are Russian, plus there are Norwegian and Faroese vessels in the area. There was one Icelandic vessel on the fishing grounds at midday, but according to Albert Sveinsson, fishing hadn’t started.

‘The blue whiting are spawning at this time, and then they migrate north to search for feed. There’s some fishing going on and the latest I heard was that a Norwegian trawler was on the way to land with 1950 tonnes on board,’ Albert Sveinsson said.