FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good start to the year, in spite of the weather

‘I’m fairly satisfied with what we had for the first trip of the year. There was crazy weather most of the time, but it moderated in patches and that let us do some fishing,’ said Magnús Kristjánsson, who skippered fresher trawler Akurey for the first trip of the year. Akurey docked in Reykjavik Wednesday night and sails again today.

‘For this trip we were on the Westfjords fishing grounds. The furthest we went eastwards was the Thveráll Gully, and there was mainly cod there. I felt the cod there were on the small side so we shifted to the Hali grounds. Unfortunately, the cod don’t seem to have turned up in any large amounts, but we managed to scratch a mix of cod and saithe. We finised up in the Víkuráll Gully and there was some good fishing there for golden redfish, with some cod and saithe,’ he said, adding that they were hardly aware of any capelin during this trip, neither as feed in the catch or caught on the trawl’s meshes.

As already mentioned, there was poor weather for the whole trip, but the catch still amounted to 135 tonnes.

‘The worst of the weather hit us on the way home yesterday. Wind speeds were 25 to 30m/second from the west as we started crossing Faxa Bay, and the steam home turned out to be a difficult one,’ Magnús Kristjánsson said.