FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good trip for Viðey

Brim’s fresher trawler Viðey is alongside in Reykjavík after an excellent six-day trip, landing a full fishroom, equivalent to a 190-tonne of fish. The skipper for this trip was Kristján E Gíslason, and he gives the credit for such a good trip to a fine ship and a fine crew.

‘We started the trip west of Snæfellsnes and there was some good fishing for redfish there. From there we steamed 18 hours north and east to the Strandagrunn grounds. Fishing for cod was excellent there, but cod has been difficult to pin down so far this winter. Then we shifted to the Hali grounds for some mixed cod and saithe,’ he said.

It was while they were fishing on the Hali grounds that heavy weather closed in.

‘The weather forced us off the Hali area, so I decided to steam directly south to our old home grounds on the Mountains. That area didn’t let us down any more than it ever did before. We had a few hours there in fine fishing for redfish and some saithe, and those hours were enough to fill the tubs so we could end the trip full to capacity,’ Kristján E Gíslason said.