FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Fine trip for Örfirisey

Factory trawler Örfirisey docked in Reykjavík on Sunday after an excellent trip, with 41,000 cartons on board, equivalent to a green weight of 1000 tonnes. This was a 30-day trip, which included a half-landing on 4th November.

‘This was a fine trip, apart from some gusty weather the whole time. We had to leave the Hampiðjan Square because of weather quite early in the trip, and twice we had to sit out heavy weather in the lee of Reykjanes. In between, we were able to fish, but the weather wasn’t pleasant,’ said skipper Ævar Jóhannsson.

He commented that the trip began on mixed fish on the Hampiðjan Square.

‘The fishing was fine, but the weather forced us off the Square. From there we moved north and east to the Hali grounds and hit a good showing of saithe. Apart from that, the fishing there was mixed, but pretty good overall.’

Following a half-landing in Reykjavík, the rest of the trip was spent on south-west fishing grounds.

‘We had decent catches, mainly redfish and saithe, and some silver smelt if we ventured deeper. We lost a lot of fishing time due to weather, but I can be satisfied with a successful trip,’ Ævar Jóhannsson said.