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Fishing for cod slows down off the south-east

‘We’ve been working on south-east fishing grounds for the last few weeks and have done well on cod. There has been some haddock by-catch with it. Now fishing for cod is slowing down, and we’ll have to wait and see if this is going to be a temporary state of affairs,’ said Magnús Kristjánsson, skipper of fresher trawler Akurey.

This is the time of year when Brim’s fresher trawlers have normally been fishing for cod off the Westfjords. But there has been little to be had there this autumn, while there have been large, good quality cod off the south-east.

‘There’s a fleet of boats and trawlers fishing here, and up to now there has been enough for everyone. Conditions have also been pretty good, although a few days ago we had some terrible weather; a full storm and no weather for fishing.’

He said that Akurey is expected to dock in Reykjavík on Thursday.

‘The plan is to finish the trip with some redfish on the Mountains on the way home. That means we start steaming tonight from here to the Mountains. That’s a 27-hour steam so we’ll be able to spend Wednesday fishing for redfish,’ Magnús Kristjánsson said Yesterday.