FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good start, but heavy going off the west coast

‘We’ve been in some steady fishing for haddock off the north-west coast on the Hornbank and Reykjafjarðarál grounds, but apart from that, it’s been heavy going up here on the Westfjords grounds. We started the trip on the Mountains off the south-west and there was some good fishing there for golden redfish and saithe,’ said Friðrik Ingason, who is skipper of factory trawler Höfrungur III for this trip.

Höfrungur III sailed on 1st September and spent its first week of the trip on the Mountains.

‘Catches were good and we made a half-landing of 200 tonnes on the 8th of September. Then we headed for the Westfjords, with a look at the Víkuráll Gully on the way and we followed the edge all the way up to the Hali grounds. There has been a showing of saithe there, but they are only to be found early in the morning for a few hours. Where we have been there hasn’t been a lot of cod, and at the moment it seems to be a struggle to find cod, and it looks the same off the north and east coasts as it is here in the west,’ Friðrik Ingason said.

Höfrungur III has another week of its trip to go, and Friðrik Ingason said that he expects to stay on Westfjords grounds until they set a course for Reykjavík at the end of the trip.