FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Putting the effort into mackerel

‘I expect to be sailing late this evening or tonight, and we’ll be putting the effort into finding mackerel. The herring will have to wait, although I understand Venus will be taking a quick look at the herring grounds when they are steaming in next,’ said Víkingur’s skipper Albert Sveinsson, when we spoke to him Yesterday in Vopnafjörður.

Hjalti Einarsson was Víkingur’s skipper in the last trip, and landed 770 tonnes at Vopnafjörður yesterday morning.

‘Fishing was quiet and it’s clear to see that the mackerel migration in the Herring Loophole is slowing down. The weather is worse and there has been more heavy weather. That makes searching more of a challenge. The mackerel now seem to be in small patches over a very wide area and these are quickly scooped up. The mackerel have no clear migration pattern, and there can be fishing that pops up in the most unlikely places,’ Hjalti Einarsson said, and Albert Sveinsson agreed.

‘For a while it seemed that the mackerel were going around and around a large area of ocean. It’s undoubtedly feed that is the root cause of where the mackerel are heading at any particular point. It can appear at the northern end of the Herring Loophole and the same time as there is good fishing to the south,’ Albert Sveinsson said.

The mackerel that have been caught this summer and autumn are good-sized fish that are well suited to production. The average weight has dropped as autumn has progressed, and Víkingur’s last trip yielded a 450-460 gramme average weight.