FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Brim is our new name

A shareholders’ meeting in HB Grandi agreed Thursday August 15 2019 the proposals of the Board of Directors to buy the seafood sales operations of Icelandic in Asia and also to change the name of the company to Brim. The proposals were approved by around 90% of shareholders.

The shareholders’ meeting approved by 88,85% of votes to approve the proposal of the Board of Directors of the company to by the Asian Icelandic seafood sales companies, including Icelandic Japan KK, Icelandic Hong Kong Ltd .and Icelandic China Trading Co. Ltd., for USD 34,9 million. The purpose of the purchase is to strengthen the sales and marketing operations of the company, in particular in Asia. The price will be paid by issuing new shares in the company. A total of 133.751.606 shares will be issued or an increase of 7.3%. After the transaction, UR will hold a total of around 42% of shares in the company. 

The shareholders’ meeting also agreed by a majority of 90,95% of the votes to change the name of the company to Brim. Brim is a simple name which is easy to pronounce and is already known on international markets for seafood. Brim is an Icelandic word for breaking waves. The logo is a formation of three waves and also of a fish. On one hand the logo symbolizes waves that are breaking their way in business and trade and on the other the seafood product made by the company. The blue colour stands for the ocean and the silver-grey colour for the valuables that Brim creates. From today the name of the company is Brim.