FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Plenty of activity at Vopnafjörður

‘This good mackerel fishing is very welcome and there has been a lot of activity here since Venus arrived with the first mackerel catch for production. It’s a boost for a community like this one, not least as the capelin season failed completely,’ said Magnús Róbertsson, production manager at HB Grandi’s Vopnafjörður factory.

The mackerel season got underway when Venus delivered the first mackerel of the summer on 12th July.

‘Production has been been largely continuous. We started gradually and have used the down time when there’s no raw material to clean the equipment. Apart from that we’re working shifts around the clock and an ideal landing for us is when the pelagic vessels bring 600 to 700 tonnes,’ he said, commenting that the mackerel are larger and better than they were last year.

The factory has a staff of around a hundred.

Fishing for mackerel has been steady recently, with the fleet working further east than they were to begin with. This means that the distance to steam to Vopnafjörður is shorter than it was a week ago. The prospect is that the mackerel should keep production active to late September or into October, when herring production takes over.