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HB Grandi trawler’s record trip

‘This was a very good trip and I reckon I’m right in saying that this was a record at HB Grandi. We had a green weight of 1500 tonnes and of that 1400 tonnes were caught in Russian waters. We finished our quota there and after steaming home we were deep off the Westfjords. The plan was to go for Greenland halibut, but by then the fishing was slowing down, so the catch was less than it could have been,’ said Ævar Jóhannsson, skipper of freezer trawler Örfirisey, which docked last weekend after a successful trip to the Barents Sea.

Steaming to and from fishing grounds took a total of eleven days, and production was continuous throughout the time spent fishing.
He commented that the crew were under pressure and they did a great job.

The catch in the Barents Sea was mainly cod.

‘We also had 100 tonnes of haddock, a few tens of tonnes of saithe and a little of other species. If we add the last few days’ fishing in home waters, then we have around twenty species. I don’t recall seeing that much variety in a trip before. We had a few boxes of smooth-head and landed these headed and frozen. This is a very white fish, but after having eaten smooth-head, I can say it’s fairly tasteless,’ Ævar Jóhannsson said.

Örfirisey is now back at sea, skippered by Símon Jónsson.

‘Now there’s fishing on home grounds ahead of us as we try to finish our quotas for the year. I gather we’re expected to concentrate on haddock to begin with, and then we’ll see how things shape up,’ he said.