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HB Grandi trawlers fishing well

‘Fishing has been going well, for both the freezers and the fresher trawlers. For example, the three freezer trawlers returned ISK1200 million in catch values in June and Örfirisey’s catch value for its last two trips came to ISK one billion for 77 days at sea,’ said Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson, HB Grandi’s groundfish trawlers fleet manager.

He added that both Örfirisey and Vigri have been fishing in the Barents Sea, and both sailed right after the Seamen’s Day break at the beginning of June.

Vigri was six days steaming to fishing grounds, giving them only 20 days fishing in June. At the same time Höfrungur III was fishing in home waters, with a catch that was mainly Greenland halibut, plus some cod and saithe. Its green weight of fish for the last trip was 600 tonnes.

‘The fresher trawlers have also done well. We currently only have two fresher trawlers in operation now that Engey has been sold and Helga María has been leased to Greenland. So there’s more pressure on the crews of Akurey and Vigri, so we have arranged for the fresher trawlers to land three times a week. They landed 1550 tonnes in June and there’s no slowing down of production,’ Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson said.