FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good redfish and saithe trip

The HB Grandi fleet docked one by one at the end of last week ahead of this weekend’s Seamen’s Day  celebrations. Höfrungur III docked on  Friday morning after 29 days at sea that included a half-landing mid-way through the trip, that ended with a 900 tonne green weight catch.

‘We started the trip on the Greenland halibut grounds in the Víkuráll Gully and didn’t do well as we had problems with the trawl gear. It was also a surprise to see so much cod on those grounds as well, as cod wasn’t on the agenda for us,’ said skipper Haraldur Árnason.

From the Víkuráll Gully, Höfrungur III headed northwards to the Hal grounds for redfish and saithe.

‘We spent quite some time there and fished well. Fishing for saithe was particularly good, and we had a lot of fish quality, large fish. From there we shifted eastwards to the Reyjkafjörður Gully. There was some good fishing for haddock there, but that only lasted a few days.’

The final third of the trip was spent on fishing grounds off the south-west.

‘We were in the Skerja Deeps and on the Mountains. There had been some very good fishing for golden redfish on the Mountains and that´s where we had both redfish and saithe. It’s too late now to be chasing deep redfish in the Skerja Deeps. That needs to be done in February and through to April, and then not again until the autumn,’ Haraldur Árnason said.