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Mervyn King visits HB Grandi

Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England paid HB Grandi a visit recently when in Iceland by the invitation of the Association of Savings Holders lecturing on Economic Policy in Turbulent Times. Guðmundur Kristjánsson, CEO of HB Grandi, received Mr. King and his wife Barbara at the Reykjavík Harbour and they went on board on one of the company’s new trawlers, Akurey RE. They also had a brief look at the fish processing facilities on land and Mr. King commented on the high level of technology the company applied to both fishing and fish processing.
Guðmundur Kristjánsson presented to Mr. King the financial operations of HB Grand and the framework for the seafood industry in Iceland, the fishing control system and the history of Iceland´s utilization of the resources of the sea. Over lunch where interesting discussions on sustainable harvesting of natural resources, global economic affairs and the development of the financial system.
Mervyn King is one of the most respected economists of our times. He became in 1991 the Chief Economist of the Bank of England and served as the Governor from 2003 until he retired in 2013. He was at the helm of the Bank of England during the crises of 2008 and oversaw the turmoil in the world´s biggest financial hub, London, and as such he was one of the most influential figures in Europe in the aftermath of that crisis. Since retiring Mr. King has been a frequent lecturer all over the world.

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