FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Fishing harder on south-western grounds

HB Grandi’s fresher trawlers have been fishing more on south-western fishing grounds than earlier this winter. The winter season is about to begin, with the usual excellent quality cod and saithe to be found on the trawlers’ home grounds.

‘We have been on the Elder Bank all this trip for some very mixed fish. We have been getting saithe, redfish, cod and haddock, and we reckon the tally with one day of the trip to go is 120 to 130 tonnes,’ said Akurey’s skipper Eiríkur Jónsson, when we spoke to him.

He said that the trip began last Friday after docking early on Thursday morning in Reykjavík.

‘There has been poor weather most of the time this trip, but it’s fine today and we hope it’s stay that way for a while. There are roes in both saithe and cod, and we have stowed away a few tonnes of roe. But there’s no heavy fishing yet this season, although the saithe and cod are all fine, big fish. We haven’t been particularly looking for redfish, but there’s always some in each haul,’ he said, commenting that he expects to be concentrating on south-west fishing grounds in the next few weeks.

‘We try to catch as much of our saithe as we can in the south, and now is the right time to do it,’ Eiríkur Jónsson said.