FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good fishing in Norwegian waters

‘The trip to the Norwegian zone of the Barents Sea was a good one, with the exception of one of the crew who cut his hand badly in a filleting machine accident. He was airlifted 170 miles to hospital in Tromsø. When I got in touch, he was making good progress although it’s clear that it’ll be some months before he’s fully recovered,’ said skipper Ævar Jóhannsson as factory trawler Örfirisey docked in Reykjavík last night after a 40-day trip. Steaming home took four and a half days.

According to Ævar Jóhannsson, this trip’s fishing was good and 90% of the catch is cod.

‘We didn’t quite manage to catch the full quota and would have needed another three days,’ he said, adding that the are fine quality fish.

‘The average gutted weight is 3.8kg, and the fillets are very firm. The fish there are stuffed with capelin and we saw a lot of capelin caught on the meshes of the trawl over a wide area, so there seems to be a large amount present. What we saw on the sounders told us the same.’

He said that Örfirisey’s trip started at Bear Island before shifting eastwards to the Tor Iversen Bank.

‘But most if the time we were on the Hjelmsey Bank and that’s where we finished the trip. We had a short visit to the Fugløy Bank, but there wasn’t much there this time. The fishing there should improve later in the season,’ Ævar Jóhannsson said.