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Víkingur with 1800 tonnes of blue whiting

HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Víkingur docked at Vopnafjörður earlier this week with around 1800 tonnes of blue whiting on board. According to skipper Albert Sveinsson, this is all large, fat fish that were caught at the southern end of the Faroese EEZ.

‘It was a bit of a struggle, although we hit a sweet spot where we were taking two hauls a day. The worst part of it was that it was blowing a storm on those days, but we didn’t let that put us off,’ he said.

The blue whiting in that area are migrating southwards to spawn after feeding in northerly waters during the summer and Albert Sveinsson said that experience indicates that from this pointonwards, fishing improves.

‘There was quite a few fishing vessels there and their number is growing. There were some Icelandic vessels fishing there, and others from different countries,’ he said.