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HB Grandi and Íslensk orkumiðlun ehf. enter into an agreement on electricity purchases

HB Grandi and Íslensk orkumiðlun ehf. have signed an agreement on electricity purchases which is to enter into effect on 1 January 2019. The agreement involves energy sales amounting to 65 GWh per year (corresponding to the electricity use of approximately 15,000 homes) and covers all three of the HB Grandi operating units in Iceland: Reykjavík, Akranes and Vopnafjörður.

HB Grandi is a party to the climate declaration of Festa and the City of Reykjavík that was signed by 104 companies in 2015. By signing the declaration, the company has undertaken to reduce the release of greenhouse gases in coming years. A part of this includes mapping the effects of the operations of service providers on the operation of HB Grandi, which will be reflected in the environmental results that the company publishes each year. 

In order to achieve these goals, HB Grandi and Íslensk orkumiðlun will jointly work on adopting electricity management electronically so as to map the carbon footprint of the transactions in an organised manner.
An important aspect in the collaboration, moreover, is to reduce irregularities in the electricity use of the fish meal plants of HB Grandi. Improved electricity utilisation by the fish meal plants is one of the basic prerequisites of increased economisation and further promotes the use of domestic renewable energy sources in place of imported fossil fuels, thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.