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New organisational structure at HB Grandi

The board of directors of HB Grandi has approved a new organisational structure for the company. The structure will become simpler than before and supports the increased emphasis on the company’s core activities. A new COO is appointed, overseeing the company’s groundfish, pelagic, marketing and human resources divisions. Management will be slimmed down and will comprise CEO, CFO and COO roles.

Ægir Páll Friðbertsson has been appointed as HB Grandi’s COO. He holds a Cand. oecon from the University of Iceland and has completed all of the masters level finance modules at the university. Ægir Páll has worked for two decades as a manager or consultant to fishing companies, and he was previously a lending specialist and business manager at Íslandsbanki for nine years. For the past three years he has been COO at Brim hf.