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Thúfa repair work successfully completed

Work has been completed on repairing and strengthening the Thúfa art installation three months after serious damage occurred due to the exceptionally wet conditions in the south-west of Iceland in February this year.

According to HB Grandi technical manager Gísli Sigmarsson, a substantial fissure opened up in Thúfa’s structure when part of the slope slipped during the unusually wet weather.

‘After the damage occurred, we immediately started taking measures to ensure that this could not happen again. As Thúfa is a unique piece of work, built to a concept developed by Ólöf Nordal, we had to find ways of securing the structure without making alterations to the shape or the materials,’ he said. Experts from engineering consultancies Efla and VSO were brought in, along with contractors Stokkar og Steinar sf and Jarðvegur ehf.

‘The repair work was completed before Seamen’s Day, and as the summer has progressed, it appears clear that the result has been a success,’ Gísli Sigmarsson said.

Thúfa is a popular attraction for tourists visiting Reykjavík. The installation is located on the eastern side of the Ísbjörninn cold store at the company’s Norðurgarður location, a little to the west of the entrance to Reykjavík harbour.


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