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4500 tonnes in seven months

‘We started fishing in February and I reckon that in that time we have caught 4500 tonnes. This is a fantastically efficient ship, and given the catch rate and the available quotas, it shouldn’t be a problem to manage 7000 tonnes in a year,’ said Eiríkur Jónsson, skipper of Akurey, one of the three new trawlers built for HB Grandi in Turkey.

He is satisfied with the new ship and the fishing this summer, and said that at this time of year there are long steaming times to be able to catch cod.

‘Such as this last trip. We steamed for 30 hours to find cod. The trawl was shot away north of Kolbeinsey. We were there for 30 hours for 90 tonnes of large, top-quality cod.From there we steamed another 30 hours south to the Mountains and have been there in some really good fishing for golden redfish and saithe. We’ll be in to land Tuesday and are sailing again on Wednesday,’ he said.

It seems that the best time of the year for redfish in the Westfjords is coming to an end now. Golden redfish have been scarce on the Hali grounds recently and fishing has been patchy in the Víkuráll Gully as well. There is a strong probability that HB Grandi’s fresh fish trawlers will be busy in the near future on their home grounds off the south-west of Iceland.