FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Mackerel moving fast

Venus was due at Vopnafjörður on Tuesday evening with 960 tonnes of mackerel on board for processing. According to Theódór Thórðarson, who was Venus’s skipper for this trip, the mackerel has demanded a lot of catching effort and the fish is moving fast at the moment.

‘We were fishing in the Herring Loophole this trip and it wasn’t easy to find fish. They are moving rapidly and the fishing areas are some distance apart. On the other hand, the latest reports indicate that fishing on home grounds is improving and some of the fleet is fishing in the Víkuráll Gully off the west coast and the Hvalbakur region in the east,’ he said.

Víkingur was then fishing in the Reyðarfjörður Deeps after having landed 880 tonnes of mackerel in Vopnafjörður. Skipper Hjalti Einarsson said that Víkingur arrived on the fishing grounds early Tuesday morning, followed by Hoffell.

‘So far we have taken one 90-tonne haul, so it’s too early to predict what the situation is. At least, there are large, fat mackerel here. But I hear things are also lively off the west coast. The mackerel there are moving fast, as they seem to be everywhere. One moment there’s mackerel everywhere, and then they’re gone,’ Hjalti Einarsson said.