FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Fine fishing off the Westfjords

HB Grandi’s trawler Akurey docked in Reykjavík on tuesday with 150 tonnes on board after fishing off the Westfjords. According to this trip’s skipper Magnús Kristjánsson, catches have been good.

‘This is mixed fish, but mostly cod. That was caught on the Strandagrunn grounds and from there were moved over to the Hali area for redfish and saithe. The fishing for redfish is good on the Hali grounds, and the best time of year for this is coming up. If things work out, then there should be fine fishing for redfish through August and September,’ he said and added that as these has been abundant redfish, there has been no need to search around other fishing grounds such as the Víkuráll gully.

Magnús Kristjánsson said that this was a five-day trip. There was flat calm weather to begin with, but this worsened to wind speeds of 20m/sec from the south-west later in the week.

‘It was blowing a storm right at the end of the trip, and that’s when we set a course for Reykjavík,’ he said.