FréttirSkrá á póstlista


On blue whiting in the Rose Garden

‘Two pelagic boats did well on blue whiting in the Rose Garden area off the south-east coast yesterday and we’re going to see if there’s still any fish to be caught there,’ said Víkingur’s skipper Albert Sveinsson. When we spoke to him earlier today, Víkingur still had then two hours to steam to the fishing grounds.

Víkingur has been searching for blue whiting in the eastern area of the Herring Loophole alongside Venus for the last few days, and Venus is on its way to Vopnafjörður with around 1000 tonnes on board.

‘Fishing has been slow for us. Yesterday we had 150 tonnes after a long tow and overall we have 870 tonnes for six tows. Things were looking livelier for Börkur and Bjarni Ólafsson in the Rose Garden yesterday and I’ve been hearing that they were getting more than 330 tonnes for a day’s fishing,’ Albert Sveinsson said. Margrét is also on the same fishing grounds.

‘It depends on the fishing whether we’ll be there in the Rose Garden for one or two days. The mackerel fishery is about to start and we were aware of mackerel along the edge of the bank on the Stokksnes shallows and further east as we were steaming out to the Herring Loophole. That’s the usual place for it, but I recall last year we went all the way west to the Westman Islands for the first days of the mackerel season,’ Albert Sveinsson said.