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Blue whiting production starts at Akranes

HB Grandi’s Akranes fishmeal factory has started production after Víkingur discharged 2600 tonnes of blue whiting there at the weekend.

We spoke to skipper Albert Sveinsson today, as Víkingur was on its way back to fishing grounds south-west of the Faroe Islands.

‘It’s a long way to steam and we have 110 nautical miles to go before we reach the other pelagic boats that are fishing for blue whiting there. We should be there late this evening,’ he said, and commented that Víkingur is now in its fifth blue whiting trip after fishing was resumed around a month ago. Its catches prior to this trip have totalled 10,000 tonnes, as they normally set off for home with 2500 to 2600 tonnes, which is practically a full ship.

‘It has been very steady, with good fishing. There was a real buzz to it for a while with 400 to 500 tonne hauls after towing for six to eight hours. Then things slowed down for a while and the tows have become longer, but I hear there was some good fishing there yesterday. The forecast for the next couple of days is poor. It looks like there’ll be a stiff southerly wind, but we’ll hope for the best,’ Albert Sveinsson said.