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Freezer trawler construction making good progress

HB Grandi’s new freezer trawler is taking shape at the Astilleros Armon Gijon yard in northern Spain. 16 blocks have been completed, and as the design incorporates 51 blocks in total, around a third of the hull has been constructed.

The new freezer trawler will measure 81.30 metres overall with a 17 metre beam and will be around 5000gt. The ship has been designed by Rolls-Royce in Norway. The design focuses heavily on energy saving, both when fishing and steaming, and this includes a 4000mm diameter propeller. The main engine is a 5400kW Bergen Diesel.

The trawler will also be equipped with a powerful Rolls-Royce winch system, with energy for the winches and other systems produced by a shaft generator.

It will be equipped with the most sophisticated filleting and processing systems, and production capacity is expected to be around 100 tonnes per 24 hours. A fishmeal plant will be able to handle fish off-cut from factory deck production and this will be able to produce up to 50 tonnes per 24 hours. The fishroom will have capacity for around 1000 tonnes of products graded onto pallets.

Delivery of the ship is scheduled for the middle of next year.