FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Heavy blue whiting fishing

Venus is now on its way to land 2600 tonnes of blue whiting, and is due to dock in Vopnafjörður in the afternoon. According to skipper Róbert Axelsson, there has been some heavy fishing in Faroese waters. 

‘Fishing has been excellent. We were less than four days on the fishing grounds and tows are mostly from eight hours up to 10-12 hours. We have been getting 400 to 550 tonnes of blue whiting in each haul, and this trip was six tows,’ he said.

Now it seems that the blue whiting are moving northwards and Róbert Axelsson said that while the fishing is as good as it is, nobody is searching for other fishing areas. The blue whiting are also moving westwards, as they did last year.

He said that the blue whiting are good-sized fish, similar to those caught in the first trip after Easter. That was also a 2600 tonne trip that was discharged at Vopnafjörður at the beginning of last week.