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Good catch on deep S-W grounds

HB Grandi’s factory trawler Höfrungur III docked last night after a 28-day trip. The catch for the trip was a 1000 tonnes (green weight), and a half-landing was made during the trip.

‘We focused on the deep water grounds off the south-west. The furthest eastwards we went was the Selvogur Bank and westwards was the Little Bank and Out in the Darkness, as those areas are known. We were mainly looking for deep redfish, and the fishing for this was pretty good. The main by-catch is silver smelt and it seems from the sizes of the fish that there are some strong year classes  coming in,’ skipper Haraldur Árnason said.

There is nothing unusual about cod forming the bulk of catches on the Selvogur Bank, and at this time of year there was also some saithe to be seen.

‘There’s plenty of cod on the grounds, but there was less of it than we are used to where we were fishing. We weren’t chasing after saithe, but we had some as by-catch, particularly with cod. Overall, I’m happy with the trip. We fished to keep the factory deck running at capacity and the crew was kept busy. Heads and roes are kept, and that takes time.’