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Breakdowns aside, good fishing in the Barents Sea

HB Grandi’s freezer trawler Örfirisey is now fishing in home waters after a long spell in the Barents Sea, which included lost fishing time due to breakdowns. According to skipper Ævar Jóhannsson the catch was a green weight of 1600 tonnes in the Barents Sea, of which 1000 tonnes were caught over a 20 day period spanning the end of January and the early part of February.

‘It hasn’t been an easy time for us in the Barents Sea. The first breakdown was in October and repairs were carried out in Svolvær. We were back at sea on the 15th of January and were able to fish into February when there was a second breakdown after which we were towed to Tromsø,’ he said.

‘After that we were back fishing on the 15th of February after a short stopover and the third breakdown was shortly afterwards when a camshaft bearing failed, and we were tie dup in Hammerfest on the 17th of February. Following a repair job we sailed on the 4th of March to return to fishing in the Barents Sea, and the catch, 590 tonnes green weight, was landed in Reykjavík on the 20th of March,’ said Ævar Jóhannsson, who was with the ship throughout the time in Norway and the Barents Sea apart from time spent at home while repairs were carried out.