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Serious damage to Thúfa

The exceptionally bad weather that passed over the city last weekend resulted in significant damage to the Thúfa art installation at Norðurgarður by Reykjavík’s old harbour. The storm was accompanied by very heavy rain, and its consequences were that the earth along one of Thúfa’s side slipped, leaving a fissure in the earthwork.

According to Torfi Th. Thorsteinsson, Chief Operations Officer of Groundfish at HB Grandi, Thúfa was immediately fenced off and technical manager, engineers, the artist and other involved met to discuss the options available.

‘We are working on figuring out how Thúfa can be repaired so that the same damage cannot occur again. We expect to have our conclusions in the next few days,’ Torfi Th. Thorsteinsson said.

The Thúfa outdoor art installation by Ólöf Nordal was unveiled on the 21st of December 2013 following a competition to design the artwork. It was built on the east side of Ísbjörninn, HB Grandi's cold store, and it has become one of the key features of the entrance to Reykjavík harbour, marking the western side as Harpa marks the eastern side. From the very first day, Thúfa has been one of the old harbour’s landmarks, and a large number of tourists and local people explore the artwork annually.