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Örfirisey – back for repairs again

Freezer trawler Örfirisey is in port in Hammerfest in northern Norway where it arrived at the weekend following yet another engine failure. Freezer trawler Kleifaberg towed Örfirisey in.

According to HB Grandi’s technical superintendent Herbert Bjarnason, mistakes were clearly made when the main engine was serviced by the manufacturer at the end of last year. This explains the breakdown that occurred roughly a week ago.

’After Örfirisey sailed the previous Friday, as on the other occasions, the equipment that had been repaired was monitored carefully and there were no problems to be seen. On Saturday morning the temperature of the timing gear was noticed to be very high and the main engine was immediately shut down. Inspection showed that the fault was the same as on the previous occasion, with a burned out bearing in an intermediate cog wheel.’

He said that the trawler had been 30 nautical miles north of Hammerfest when the problem occurred and Kleifaberg had agreed to tow Örfirisey towards Hammerfest until a tug took over to bring the trawler into port.

’When the engine was dismantled it was shown that the cause this time was a failure in the camshaft thrust bearing. This fault means that the shaft can move lengthways in the engine, placing excess loads on the cogs in the timing gear. The damage is being assessed, and the outlook is that the camshaft will have to be replaced, along with all of the cogs, bearings and shafts in the timing gear,’ Herbert Bjarnason said.