FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Uncertainty ahead

Pelagic vessels Venus and Víkingur were both scheduled to dock at Vopnafjörður last night with their catches of blue whiting. The fish were caught at the southern extremity of the Faroese EEZ, and according to Venus’s second mate Hilmar Kárason, fishing has been slow.

‘The blue whiting is clearly migrating southwards after spawning and there’s better fishing in Irish waters than in the Faroese zone. We were getting around 150 tonnes per day and Víkingur had a similar catch rate,’ he said, commenting that their catch for the trip is roughly 650 tonnes.

Venus was expected at Vopnafjörður in the early evening, with Víkingur following some hours later. Hilmar Kárason said that what comes next remains uncertain.