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Sturlaugur’s career with HB Grandi ends

Wetfish trawler Sturlaugur H. Böðvarsson docked last Monday night after its final trip for HB Grandi. This was a 90 tonne trip, with a mix of redfish, cod and saithe. This ends the trawler’s successful career for HB Grandi now that it is being replaced by the new Akurey.

Sturlaugur H. Böðvarsson was built at the Thorgeir and Ellert yard in 1981 for owners in Grundarfjörður and was originally Sigurfari. The 58.30 metre, 431gt trawler was built at a cost of ISK37.3 million, including financing costs during the construction period. It came into the ownership of Haraldur Böðvarsson hf, when it acquired the Sturlaugur name. Since the merger between Grandi and Haraldur Böðvarsson to form HB Grandi, the trawler has been part of the company’s fleet.

Eiríkur Jónsson has been Sturlaugur’s skipper since 2009, having been mate on board since 1992. There is hardly anyone who knows the ship better, and it’s worth quoting his words from last year’s Seamens’ Day.

“Sturlaugur is a very fine ship, built in Akranes for Grundfirðingur hf, and was originally Sigurfari. So this is a trawler that has a career behind it, but all the same, it has done outstandingly well.”

For its final trip for HB Grandi, Sturlaugur H. Böðvarsson’s skipper was Eiríkur Jónsson’s son, Jón Frímann Eiríksson.