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Fine capelin – ideal for freezing

‘We had a good day yesterday, with decent fishing in good weather. Today we’ve had fishing that’s nothing special, along with a storm and a blizzard. There seems to be a band of bad weather that has followed us. I spoke to a skipper fishing a little way north of us and he has had perfect weather all day,’ said Víkingur’s skipper Albert Sveinsson.

When we spoke to him at midday Yesterday they were taking the last haul of the trip. Víkingur was then 90 nautical miles from Vopnafjörður, and should be alongside there before midnight.

He said that this was their second trip on the capelin grounds east of Langanes this year, and the capelin look to be a good size that should be suitable for frozen production as long as there is no feed in the fish.

‘We have taken samples that show from as low as 31 per kilo, and we have also seen figures as high as 37 and 45 fish per kilo. I hear that some of Venus’s fish from its last trip has gone for freezing, and they have just got back to the fishing grounds, and the plan is to freeze part of the fish we’ll be landing. But that depends on the amount of feed in the fish,’ he said, adding that they have around 1100 tonnes on board, of which 700 tonnes were caught yesterday.

‘I still haven’t seen the figures for the last haul, but whatever it is, we’ll be on our way in later today,’ Albert Sveinsson said.