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Capelin season looks promising

Venus docked at its home port of Vopnafjörður yesterday with a full payload of capelin on board. The fish were caught on the eastern edge of the Langanes Bank, so the capelin season looks to have got off to a fine start.

‘We sailed from Reykjavík on the 3rd of January and started fishing off the Westfjords. We had one shot there and as that was all small capelin, we set off for Langanes,’ said skipper Guðlaugur Jónsson, optimistic that there are 2800 tonnes on board.

‘We were three days on the fishing grounds east of Langanes and even though there wasn’t much to be seen and the marks were nothing special, we managed to fill up in seven tows. They’re finishing pumping the fish ashore now and we’ll be sailing again as soon as they’re done,’ Guðlaugur Jónsson said when we caught up with him yesterday.

Víkingur is on the capelin grounds off the east coast and is expected to dock in Vopnafjörður tomorrow night.