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Örfirisey back to sea in early December

Freezer trawler Örfirisey is now in dry dock at the Skarvik AS yard at Svolvær in the north of Norway, following a fault in the propulsion system while fishing in the Barents Sea. The fault has been identified and there are hopes that the trawler will be back at sea early next month.

As has already been reported, Örfirisey lost power due to a problem with its propulsion while fishing in Russian waters around 440 nautical miles north of Båtsfjord in northern Norway on the 27th of October. Norwegian oil bunker vessel Norsel towed Örfirisey to Båtsfjord, where it arrived in the afternoon on Wednesday November 1st.

According to HB Grandi’s fleet technical manager Herbert Bjarnason, an inspection by assistance of diver was carried out at arrival in Båtsfjord confirming that a repair with vessel afloat was not possible as the failure was inside the propeller hub or the propeller shaft.

,The slipway at Kirkenes was already fully booked, so the nearest slipway was in Svolvær where the trawler was towed to after the catch had been landed. At arrival to Svolvær on Wednesday night the vessel was docket and repair work began immediately. Once the rudder had been removed from the vessel, the propeller hub was dismantled to identify the fault that was preventing it from working.´

‘It turned out that the push/pull rod that controls the position of the propeller blades had broken and not possible to repair. Work is in progress at the manufacturer on a new rod and we hope that the repair will be complete around or after the end of the month, so that the ship can be back fishing in early December,’ Herbert Bjarnason said.