FréttirSkrá á póstlista


First winter season blue whiting landed at Vopnafjörður

Blue whiting production is in progress at HB Grandi’s fishmeal factory in Vopnafjörður. Production began on Tuesday afternoon after Venus and Víkingur docked with 800 tonnes of blue whiting.

‘They came in because there has been heavy weather on the fishing grounds and a poor forecast, so this was a smaller landing than usual,’ said HB Grandi’s Vopnafjörður factory manager Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson.

He said that the fish are excellent raw material, good quality fish in top condition, and he expects that with the company’s quota situation, they can expect blue whiting to keep them busy into next month. 

‘It depends of course on how accessible the blue whiting are and the weather. I hear the season started well of Seyðisfjörður and after that the catch levels have dropped. They may have to go further off and deeper to find blue whiting, but we’ll see how it develops over the coming days and weeks,’ Sveinbjörn Sigmundsson said.

He added that he expects production from these landings to be finished today. Venus and Víkingur are both back at sea, having sailed from Vopnafjörður on Tuesday.