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Successful sea trials for Viðey

The main systems on board HB Grandi’s new trawler Viðey were tested during sea trials in Turkey yesterday, and performed as required under these circumstances.

Viðey is a sister vessel to fresher trawlers Engey and Akurey that were also built at the Celiktrans yard in Turkey and which have been delivered to HB Grandi. Taking part in the sea trials were Jóhannes Eiríksson, currently skipper of Ottó N. Þorláksson and who is due to take over the new vessel, fresher trawler fleet manager Birkir Hrannar Hjálmarsson and marine superintendent Thórarinn Sigurbjörnsson who has monitored the construction of the new vessels on the company’s behalf.

According to the above mentioned participants, the sea trials went well. Steaming speed was 13.50 knots and bollard pull was measured at 46 tonnes.

If everything goes according to plan, Viðey can be expected to leave for the delivery trip to Iceland in the beginning of December, with arrival at its home port in Reykjavík expected around the middle of next month.


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