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Atlanto-Scandian herring season ends

HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels have finished on herring for the year and will now switch to blue whiting until the capelin fishery opens. Venus docked last week in Vopnafjörður with the last herring landing of the season.

According to Ingimundur Ingimundarson, pelagic fleet manager, Venus and Víkingur have landed 23,000 tonnes of mackerel this summer and autumn, and 17,000 tonnes of herring from both Atlanto-Scandian and Icelandic summer-spawning stocks.

Venus was alongside in Reykjavík yesterday and today to take fishing gear on board and is expected to sail tonight for blue whiting fishing grounds off eastern Iceland. Víkingur is at sea.

Groundfish processing is expected to start at Vopnafjörður on Monday 6th of November, and this production fills the gaps between pelagic seasons.