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Visitors from World Seafood Congress

World Seafood Congress was held earlier this month and conference guests were invited to Norðurgarður to visit HB Grandi. On Tuesday the 12th of September conference guests were invited to a breakfast meeting at HB Grandi in the Marshall House. After breakfast and a presentation about HB Grandi’s operation, guests were invited to visit Svanur the waste sorting station and the ground fish processing plant.

Thursday the same week, HB Grandi welcomed guests from Canada and Newfoundland before noon in Norðurgarður and ministers from Costa Rica, Greenland and Malaysia amongst others for lunch. The lunch visit was arranged by HB Grandi and Brim in collaboration with Matís. Guðmundur Kristjánsson CEO of Brim, held a presentation on the Icelandic fisheries management system and Vilhjálmur CEO of HB Grandi presented HB Grandi‘s activities to guests.

Visitors were interested in the Icelandic fisheries industry and interesting discussions emerged from the audience.

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