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HB Grandi sells its groundfish processing plant in Akranes

HB Grandi has sold its groundfish processing plant in Akranes to Ísfiskur hf. The house was sold for 3.250.000 USD.

Ísfiskur has been operating fish processing in Kópavogur since the establishment of the company in 1980. It has about 40 employees and processes around 4,000 tons of haddock and cod bought in the Icelandic fish market every year.

Yesterday was the last day of operation in the house by HB Grandi and today some employees will start work at HB Grandi's processing plant in Reykjavík.

According to Vilhjálmur Vilhjálmsson, CEO of HB Grandi, combining the two processing plants into one will result in more efficient operation.

Ísfiskur will start processing in Akranes at the beginning of next year.

HB Grandi's operations in Akranes will still include a vessel repair workshop, a fish meal plant and a capelin processing plant, as well as the subsidiaries Norðanfiskur and Vignir G Jónsson. The company intends to further develop these aspects and to strengthen their operation in Akranes.

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