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Grading waste worthwhile at Norðurgarður location

Two years have passed since HB Grandi started sorting waste at the grading station at its Norðurgarður site. Since then all waste from the company’s activities has been sorted at its locations in Reykjavík, Akranes and Vopnafjörður.

‘I can state that this has been very successful,’ said Gunnar Róbertsson, one of the two staff at HB Grandi’s waste sorting station in Reykjavík, who has worked there from the start.

‘Most of the waste comes from the processing plant at Norðurgarður. This includes cardboard, plastic sheet and various recyclable metals. The fishing vessels are in second place in terms of volume, and that’s mainly domestic waste plus wire and other waste from fishing and processing,’ he said, adding that all waste is sorted into around thirty categories

‘There has been increasingly precise sorting of waste. Although there have been several cleaning up drives around the site, and the workshops have been amalgamated under one roof with all the clearing out that went with moving them, there’s always a volume of iron as well. I reckon that there’s a container of iron waste that leaves the site every second week. Íslenska gámafélagið takes away all the waste to either dispose of it or recycle it,’ Gunnar Róbertsson said.