FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Good saithe fishing in the west

‘There has been excellent fishing on saithe on the Hali grounds recently. There’s some cod with the saithe, but nothing that presents a problem,’ said Heimir Guðbjörnsson, skipper of HB Grandi’s trawler Helga María.

He said that they sailed from Reykjavík on Thursday morning and headed for the Westfjords grounds to find redfish in the Kolluáll and Víkuráll gullies.

‘We did well enough on redfish and then we came up here to the Hali grounds last night and had som good saithe fishing. Now we’re on the Kögurgrunn shallows east of the Hali area, around 30 nautical miles off the Ísafjörður Deep and we’re looking for cod. Things are quiet at the moment, although there has been some good fishing for cod here recently,’ he said, adding that they need roughly equal amounts of cod, redfish and saithe in each trip at the moment.

The weather has been perfect and Heimir Guðbjörnsson said that it is often clear enough to see the coast all the way from the Hali grounds.

‘It’s quite a sight to see the Westfjords rising out of the sea without and mist or clouds in the way,’ he said.