FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Fine mackerel

‘Fishing is not bad, although it could be better. We have 400 tonnes taken in three tows and it’s all fine mackerel,’ said Guðlaugur Jónsson, skipper of HB Grandi’s pelagic vessel Venus. 

‘The fish are an average of well over 400 grammes – ranging from 420 to 460 grammes according to the samples we’ve taken.’

He said that he had returned to Venus at the beginning of August after a summer break, and since then they have made two landings in Vopnafjörður. When we spoke to him yesterday, Venus was in a position deep off the east coast, approximately 80 nautical miles from Glettingur.

‘The fleet is all here and the fishing has been acceptable, although it varies. Sometimes there are mackerel marks and sometimes not. There’s normally something to be had. Even though you’d always like it to be more the fishing has not been bad,' Guðlaugur Jónsson said.

Víkingur docked in Vopnafjörður the night before last with around 900 tonnes of mackerel on board, and this goes for production as soon as Venus’s landing has been finished.