FréttirSkrá á póstlista


Mackerel to be had – east and west

Víkingur is expected in Vopnafjörður late tonight with around 600 tonnes of mackerel on board, caught on fishing grounds south-east of Iceland. According to skipper Hjalti Einarsson there has been fishing off both east and west coasts, with pelagic vessels and two trawlers fishing for mackerel in the Grindavík Deeps.

‘We were fishing on the Papagrunn, Lónsdjúp and Berufjarðarál grounds and had 170 tonnes in the first tow. From then on it was slower and the proportion of herring was higher. The weather has been rough for a good few days now and that has made searching harder. But then we had 100 tonnes on completely clean mackerel this morning,’ he said, adding that it is difficult to work out the amount of mackerel off the south coast. There is every likelihood that there is a large volume of mackerel there, but widely dispersed.

‘What is clear is that the smaller sizes of mackerel aren’t showing up in catches. The average weights are over 400 grammes. The mackerel we have been catching have been in great condition,’ Hjalti Einarsson said.