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Dispersed mackerel

‘Mackerel are difficult at the moment. The fish are highly dispersed and it’s not easy to target them. So this has made fishing a challenge and it has been fairly poor,’ said Víkingur’s skipper Hjalti Einarsson when we caught up with him.

Víkingur had sailed from Vopnafjörður after landing 400 tonnes of mackerel caught around the Westmann Islands.

When we spoke to Hjalti, Víkingur was on its way back to fishing grounds.

He said that mackerel fishing had often started off the Papagrunn grounds, shifting from there westwards towards the Westmann Islands, after which the fishing returns of the east coast.

‘We have no idea what is happening now. It seems that the smaller grades of mackerel are missing from catches and most of what we are getting is large fish of around 400 grammes. There are a few herring in there as well, but not a lot.’

Hjalti said that they were heading towards the Westmann Islands and keeping track of developments.

‘Venus is already there and had 100 tonnes first night. Things don’t seem to be looking bad right now, but the question is how long that will last. There aren´t all that many pelagic boats on mackerel so far and as a result there isn’t a lot of information,’ Hjalti Einarsson said.