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Mackerel season starts well

HB Grandi’s pelagic vessels Venus and Víkingur have started the mackerel season after fishing well on blue whiting in the spring and early summer. Venus is on the Papagrunn grounds and Víkingur is in port in Vopnafjörður with 600 tonnes on board.

‘This is our second mackerel trip and in the first one we were a lot further east, close to the Westmann Islands. That trip was around 600 tonnes, with a mix of some herring, but this time we’ve started with a 170 tonne haul on the Papagrunn grounds and it’s clean mackerel,’ said Róbert Axelsson, who is skipper of Víkingur for this trip, when we spoke to him yesterday.

He said that this was a four-hour tow, and the mackerel is top quality fish with an average weight of 390 grammes.

‘It looks like there aren’t many fishing mackerel yet. Huginn was next to us off the Westmann Islands in the last trip and they are still fishing further west. We haven’t been aware of anyone else yet,’ Róbert Axelsson said.

He commented that although the blue whiting fishing went well, there is still a decent amount of quota still to be caught, but he does not expect problems catching it.

‘We’ll see what the situation is in the autumn or before Christmas, and the main concern is whether we catch blue whiting all the way out east in the Faroese zone or if we’ll be able to catch any of it here in Icelandic waters. This year we fetched our blue whiting east of the Faroes, apart from what we caught in Icelandic waters before the Seamen’s Day stopover. We’re hoping that will continue, as it saves us a lot of steaming time,’ he said.